Jacob "fist of god" Newman

A vigilante sniper trying to make Omega a little safer


Known on the streets of the lawless Omega station as the fist of god, fog for short, Jacob Newman has made quite a reputation for himself. Unlike most vigilantes, Newman spends days tracking and gathering information on his targets and waits like a predator for an opportune moment to strike. He doesn’t target small time criminals either, he stalks bigger game and only takes down small timers if an opportunity arises.


Newman began his career working as a soldier as a sharpshooter. After he was discharged for taking a shot on a known crime boss without a green light, he began to work as a mercenary to make ends meet. During a job he took on Omega, he fell in love with a human woman named Moraine. Moraine was heading a relief group trying to ease the suffering for the impoverished on Omega. He decided to stay on Omega after his job was completed, and started working as a guard for Moraine’s supply shipments coming from the star port to the distribution center they had set up. A year later, they were engaged and were planning a large expansion to the relief effort. One of the gangs on Omega approached Moraine and Jacob and threatened to destroy their distribution center if they attempted the expansion, which went into the gangs territory. Instead of canceling the expansion, Jacob hired on several mercenaries he had worked with during his hired gun career, to protect the expansion from the gangs. A few nights after the expansion was finished, a gunman approached Jacob and Moraine as the left the distribution center for the night, and fired on them. It took seconds for Jacob to produce his pistol and put down the gunman, but he wasn’t fast enough. Moraine died in his arms, and he wasn’t able to keep the relief effort up without her. After its funding was cut Jacob disappeared into the shadows of Omega to stem the tide of the criminal underworld using the only tools he knew how to. A rifle and a scope.

Jacob "fist of god" Newman

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